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Hi, I'm Sherri. 

 I love to work with adults and teens with a special emphasis in working with women.


Many of my clients share:

"I feel like I am on high alert all the time."

"I feel disconnected from myself and others, like a feeling of emptiness."

"I don't feel like I am good enough."

"I am struggling to find meaning and purpose in my life." 

 If you are suffering more than you think you have to, let's spend some time together. I will invite you in to an intimate process of learning more about yourself, so you can learn the tools to begin to heal within.

 I will invite you to take action to discover how to rediscover joy, connection, and inner warmth. 

 If you decide you want to work with me and we are a good fit, please know that it is a humbling privilege to be a part of your healing journey. 

Professional Background

I am a Registered Psychologist and Certified Grief Specialist. My education includes a 4-year Bachelor of Arts Degree from Concordia University of Alberta with an applied emphasis in Counselling Psychology. I completed my Master’s of Counselling at City University of Seattle in 2020. My capstone focused on treating perfectionism in adults in group therapy, where I learned an incredible amount about the effects of perfectionism on impeding individual's ability to be closely connected to others.

I have worked in private practice since 2020. I have worked with individuals with varied issues like acute trauma, complex trauma, grief, perfectionism, depression, and anxiety. I have a love of helping women reconnect with their emotions and learn to identify, name, and express what they feel or move through their emotions in constructive ways. This work is called emotional fitness. It feels especially important to me because so often our emotions are dismissed as being burdensome, annoying, or unwelcome, whether it is from others, society, or even the self. But in our sessions, these emotions are welcome!

I am also a member in good standing with the College of Alberta Psychologists.

A Lil' Bit About My Personal Life

In my family life, I enjoy spending time with my husband, our three children, our large extended family, and friends! As a group, we enjoy activities like eating big family meals at holiday time, soaking in a hot tub, swimming in a lake, kayaking, skating, skiing, hiking, playing road hockey, and watching the sunset around a fire. While all of these bustling activities can be chaotic and joyful, I also love the order I find in my alone time.  When I am alone, I love to bake, cook, practice yoga, read books on psychology, listen to podcasts like Armchair Expert, and rollerblade. 

children enjoying nature
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