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Frequently Asked Questions

1.) What can I expect my first session? 

Your therapist will begin the first session with an Informed Consent process, discussing your rights and responsibilities in therapy. Then, the therapist will share with you a little about herself. Finally, the therapist will ask many open-ended questions, learning more about your presenting concern/s and your personal history. These questions will help inform the therapeutic process and treatment. 

2.) How will I know if therapy is helping?

You will know therapy is helping if there is an increase in self-acceptance, self-knowledge, and improvements in relationship quality, in addition to a heightened consideration of others. 


3.) Is the video technology hard to use?

The video technology is pretty user-friendly, but if you need assistance, feel free to reach out and connect. We can help! 

4.) What is the most important part of therapy?

While there are many parts of therapy that are important, the most valuable for healing is the connection with the therapist. So, if you are not feeling like there is a good match, let the therapist know. She can refer out and help you find a better fit!

5.) How do I use my insurance?

It is best to reach out to your insurance company before starting therapy, as some insurance companies will cover services of a Registered Psychologist and/or a Certified Canadian Counsellor. 


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